About me

I am an Associate Professor (Reader) in the PPLV group of Department of Computer Science, University College London.

PPLV webpage:

Contact: m.sadrzadeh@ucl.ac.uk

From 2013 to 2019, I was based in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London. From 2008-2013, I was first an EPSRC Post Doctoral Fellow, then an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow and a Research Fellow of Wolfson College, at the CS Department, University of Oxford.

I held two Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Scheme Fellowships, Jan 2017-2018 and Sept 2019-2020.

My research is focused on developing compositional logical and mathematical models of natural language, developing vector/tensor space semantics, learning the model parameters via machine learning, automating the syntactic reasoning via proof theory and algebra, applying the results to academic and industrial tasks.

Topics of Interest: Compositional Distributional Semantics, Category Theoretical Models of Natural Language, Pregroup Grammars, Vector Space Models, Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Algebra, Coalgebra, Proof Theory.